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Programs & Services

Volunteers working

TuskMac CDC is a friendly ally that delivers community services and business assistance. We connect contractors and subcontractors with elderly and disabled citizens to fix and repair homes of qualified individuals. We help people navigate through the bureaucratic maze as they try to get business permits and licenses. We provide technical assistance with the development of business plans to move dreams to practical reality.

TuskMac CDC encourages business development and community volunteer participation in Macon County, Alabama with services such as...

  • Entrepreneurial classes
  • Credit restoration services
  • Referrals to sources of capital
  • Small business development workshops
  • One-on–one individual business planning & counseling
  • Establishment of business incubator sites
  • Provision of small business loans
  • Grants for business property improvements
  • Redevelopment and improvement of local sites

Get help and get involved

Contact us to see how we can assist your business or if you'd like get involved in one of our volunteer projects.

Explore some of our current and recent projects...