How to Calculate Concrete Costs

The price calculation of a concrete job has many variables to include, concrete being the most important one. Other variables include materials required, labor, and the work needed to be done at the site before the concrete job. To understand the calculator we need a detailed view of the variables. 


The cost of concrete is the most important thing in the whole process. It doesn’t matter if you are using ready mix concrete or other material for concrete. You can bet the quotes for the local suppliers in accordance with the site location and required project details. Concrete prices are usually calculated with per cubic yard or cubic meter. It costs around $77 per cubic yard.

A major portion of expenses depends on formwork for concrete. Formwork is mostly labor dependent, hence it requires your input for the type of formwork, its installation, and the decision of buying or renting the form equipment. The rounded or other shapes of concrete require costlier work as forms are used more in these shapes. Formwork cost on average is around 1.10$ per square foot. 

In building concrete some sort of reinforcement is required. The reinforcement materials differ for different projects i.e. rebar wire mesh fiber mesh and steel reinforcement. The price varies with the reinforcement material.

Concrete Work:

Concrete work requires grading, sub grading, and finishing of concrete. The estimation of grading depends on the area that needs to be leveled and the amount of work needed to level or grade the ground. Grading is usually required when building concrete on the soil. If 75% of the ground is leveled the cost will estimate around $65 per hour. Extra grading work can add $10 per cubic yard or meter, to the estimated amount including the preparation of the site by removing soft spots, and filling them with suitable material.

Schedule and Labor: 

The labor wages rate, varies per day, which could affect the cost of the concrete work. The number of laborers also varies for the smaller to bigger projects. The duration of the project highly affects the overall cost. If the duration of the project is short high labor will be required, needing more money to be spent. However a well-timed project will cut down the extra expenses needed for a short timed project, hence it is better to have your projects finish in a well estimated time. 

Concrete Finish:

The concrete finish depends on the type needed for the desired design. Concrete finish varies in cost for stamped, aggregate, stained, and other sorts of concrete designs. You can estimate around 0.80$ per square foot for concrete finishing. 

Once the estimate is calculated you need to add a certain amount for mishaps and incidents during the construction. This way if any mishaps occur you won’t need to worry about managing the money, you’ll have it saved making no dents in your current earnings. Keeping all these variables in mind you can easily estimate the price required for the concrete job.